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Edible chalk

Natural edible chalk chunks for food produced in a unique environmentally friendly fields in Ukraine, it is completely natural. His influence factors such as terrain, natural features of the region, the composition of the soil. Food chalk, produced in each of the fields, has unique properties. Here are the most delicious kinds of chalk, that are worthy of your attention.

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Use in food of chalk

Edible chalk kamenka

Causes of eating chalk, there are quite different, so we conducted a small survey among meloedov that would understand: who and why eating chalk.

In fact, no chalk is a foodstuff. Calling chalk edible - we are referring to a purified natural chalk with no additives or chemicals, which is suitable for food, as opposed to clerical or industrial precipitated chalk.
Chalk - a breed of organic origin, based on the chemical composition of calcium carbonate is chalk with a small amount of magnesium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is very poorly absorbed by the body, so get inflated calcium dose, using chalk - is almost impossible. Chalk is quite inert material, so you do not cause yourself harm if you eat a small amount thereof. You can purchase edible chalk in our shop Uclays.

Can I eat chalk? What is the taste of chalk? Why do want to eat chalk? As they began to eat chalk?

eat edible chalk

These are the questions we asked people who eat chalk:


 Yazgul K.
Chalk I eat from childhood, since my mother was a teacher and she was eating chalk. At that time, you know, in the chalk I was not school stationery :) There was a lump chalk, natural, well, this is the taste stayed in my memory.
Then, when I grew up, I began to eat calcium gluconate (tablets) because the school found out that everyone is eating a chalk and replaced them with stationery that would not disappear from the chalk board. But still, we miraculously found a sawn natural chalk, and when he was not there, we ate in batches of calcium gluconate. Believe me, at that time he was also delicious, not as bitter as they are now.
I think that I eat chalk due to anemia, ie, Low hemoglobin (I am a fan since childhood and that constantly drink drugs). Once hemoglobin is normal, there is no desire to eat chalk. But the smell of chalk, damp, wet asphalt, concrete, basement does not cease tyanut..Poetomu I can smell the chalk as much as necessary!
Experience eating chalk - more than 15 years (19 to me now).
 Nataly T.
Earlier Cretaceous never ate and did not want to and did not even know that his eat.I one morning on the fifth month of pregnancy, I woke up and realized that dying to chalk it lumpy. Long could not find and did not know why, but began to replace its lemons.
When at the end I found the chalk in our town on the market - I liked it from the first crunch. Begins to eat 1 kg per month with each month the number increases after 2.5 years I eat more than 5kg.
Like chalk for its structure, density, and even crunching white chalk ... When there is - it's like breaking narkomana.Mne it seems that even the body pants, want to sleep - in short, no life without chalk!
 Darin M.
I used to not think that I will have the chalk. Daughter in law broke her leg, and really wanted to eat after this chalk. I tried to speak for the company. Liked. I eat so far :)
 Catherine K.
Even in the beginning of the school to carry chalk (we lump was always different densities) .I collected a large package and that's when things learned are constantly eating a piece of chalk and chose tastiest, so crunched, I do not know what it was due ... And so class to 9 can .. Then stopped, and when I was pregnant again wanted, not just wanted, as well as writes the girl above, began breaking slept and saw a piece of chalk at school)))
Well, in the end, has ordered natural 2 kg, 3 days ate and bore. Now is .. can periodically gnawing a small piece, but no more ...
 Marianne H.
I eat chalk from school. Classmates laughed at me. But I did not care.
After 10 years I still have not stopped eating it. Close surprised and do not understand how you can eat it. But the one who does not crave the need for chalk, does not understand what it is.
I like that when I want to chalk - there salivating furious desire to eat it there: a feeling that is about to eat, and not a slice, and a kilogram. This is not to retell the words, it is a strong desire. And when you take a piece and bite, feel the crunch and you know this is it happiness meloedov.Mel just melts in your mouth. I want more and more. But this is only understand the one who is chalk.


Now we know that:

Most "chalkeaters" - a girl. Many of them began to eat chalk as a child.
Just the desire to eat chalk often occurs in pregnant women.
None of the respondents was not able to name specific reasons. At one hundred percent of respondents - the desire to eat chalk comes from within, from the organism itself.
Many doctors, especially the old school say that a desire arises from the lack of certain elements in the body, but as we already know - chalk virtually nothing gives the human body and is completely removed from it naturally. Not bringing harm and much good.

Can I eat edible chalk? Should I start eating it?

Let this question everyone will answer for himself.

Chalk, which can be eaten 

It is proved that from all kinds of chalk, commercially available, eat only natural chalk chunks.

For example, chalk from the Arkhangelsk region is considered 
useful chalk as completely absorbed by the body. For each account is not associated with other molecular structures, so the surplus derived by thebody and do not accumulate in the kidneys. 

Why do I want to eat chalk? 

Perhaps each of us is faced with an uncontrollable desire to eat chalk. Someone wanted to eat a piece, another child likes to do, and sometimes you can find a pregnant lady with a fine purse. 

Can I eat chalk, as bad good for the body, and why is it sometimes want to include it in their menus? 

Some with great pleasure eating chalk on a large scale throughout life. There are people who have a desire to occasionally enjoy a tasty piece of chalk. And of course, such a demand is mainly expectant mothers experiencing. 

For pregnant and lactating women wish to have a piece of chalk sometimes becomes a real challenge. The fact that in pregnancy and during lactationof their body very quickly goes calcium in large volumes. The body needs to make up their stocks as soon as possible. 

Some children due to their rapid growth and are forced to suffer deficiency of the mineral. From this we can conclude that lack of calcium is necessary to balance the food. 

The desire to eat chalk can occur when the body's iron deficiency. This can be checked by a simple blood test for hemoglobin. It should be noted that iron deficiency anemia (low levels of hemoglobin in the blood) is closely linked to the subsequent desire to eat chalk. Having made the correct menu and increase the level of hemoglobin, can be expected to solve the problem and return to normal tastes.

However, you should first consult a specialist.After all, only a doctor can refer to the necessary tests and, first of all, for a blood test. Among some physicians considered acceptable to recommend to their patients to eat the chalk, which was produced in the quarry. It is assumed that the quarry an environmentally friendly site. 

As a result of significant research data have been obtained that the use of chalk stationery negative impact on patients' health, promotes deposition of calcium in the kidneys, the formation of stones. This unpleasant phenomenon will bring more harm than good. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat stationery (school) building, feed and other chalk varieties that are produced by adding gypsum and polymers.


Finally, you can watch the video, like eating edible chalk: