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VATUTIN Edible Chalk chunks

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Chalk  Vatutin - dense, hard chalk, bites off quite easily, does not crumble when biting off.

It tastes like melted milk, it has a slightly sweet taste. Vatutin - fat chalk, milk, turns into a thick gruel, almost without grains, crunching crispy.

A chalk of beautiful color - cream brule. When chewing enough crunching crunches, crumbles on a gruel with melting grains. There is a taste of the smell after the rain, wet asphalt.

This chalk has to liking, to taste and crunch almost all small things. Very tasty, nourishing chalk, which you want to gnaw and gnaw.

Size: 4 oz; 1 lb

Shelf-life Unlimited

Produced in Russia

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