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Edible natural eating clay and chalk for sale in Uclays store

Edible chalk and clay - a great way to recharge the body with calcium and clean it of toxins! Our shop - one of the largest sellers of this product in the World. Always happy to advise you and give a try to our chalk and clay!

Chalk is used not only as stationery, but also as a food additive. Taste it pulls people in completely different ages. All depends on the individual needs of the organism. Sometimes it occurs in childhood, and sometimes even into adulthood. Most women, being pregnant, faced with an irresistible craving to chew chalk. And it is quite natural desire. Also chalk people often need to try baking clay, which is slightly different in appearance and smell. Studies of positive and negative factors of chalk and clay consumption can not yet precisely to persuade doctors to any side. However, the number of fans to chew chalk is growing every day. Our online store "Uclays" offers to buy the food healing clay and chalk and guarantees high quality of used products.

Benefits and harms of chalk

There are doctors who claim that eating chalk increases the likelihood of disruption of the stomach and intestines, as well as accelerating the appearance of kidney stones. However, scientific studies have confirmed that eating chalk helps to strengthen bone tissue and beneficial effect on the development of the fetus, if the product takes the expectant mother. Of course, if a person eats chalk in unlimited quantities, it is fraught with negative consequences, especially if the food is a sedimentary rock, used to make crayons school. The hardness of such products added to the glue, which is strong toxic substance, therefore the use of technical chalk can lead to poisoning.

If you have a desire to try chalk, it is best to buy it in specialized areas, such as the pharmacy or on our website. It provided the following types of chalk:

  • Svyatogorye;
  • Kramatorsk;
  • Artemovskii;
  • Sumy.

All provided products have passed the thorough cleaning of contaminants and contains no heavy chemical elements. You can be sure that the use of the chalk does not harm your health, and will help make up for the shortage of calcium in the body.

Benefits and harms of clay

Food at the use of clay has beneficial effects on the human body as it helps to bring toxins. There is a rapid enrichment of minerals and chemicals that are essential for the activity of all organ systems. Especially actually use clay to people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

For proper reception of food clay it is dissolved in cold water and drink the resulting suspension in small sips. It is desirable to continuously agitate the solution so as not to precipitate appeared. To this slurry had a beneficial effect, it only take on an empty stomach. In the event that the taste of the solution you categorically do not like - try to mix the clay with a natural fruit juice or herbal tea without sugar.

When using clay in the solution it is strictly forbidden to plant it with the following substances:

  • alcohol;
  • coffee;
  • sugary drinks;
  • alcohol-containing medicinal tinctures.

The main thing when taking food edible chalk or clay - to be sure of the quality of products, so buy it should be only in specialized areas. So you'll be sure to bring your body only benefit.