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MEZHGORYE edible Chalk chunks

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Cretaceous rock of Mezhgorye has a special powerful structure. The surface of the chalk is dense, glossy, the pieces are weighty, integral.

The color of the Mezhgorsky chalk is warm white, like a shade of ivory. The creamy color is given to it by inclusions of iron, and the high density is due to the presence of silicon in the composition. Due to the rich content of iron, replenishes its need for the body.

Chalk blocks of Mezhgorye are recommended to be crushed into smaller pieces to make it easier to bite off.
Gnawing the chalk with effort and a characteristic crunch, the chalk melts into a creamy texture. The fresh taste of spring water is immediately felt. Finishes with a thick chalky creme brulee with whitewash notes, clear as a mountain river.

Chalk Mezhgorye is a fatty variety, almost without grains. You can be content even with a small piece, as you are plentifully saturated with it.


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