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KRAM Sawn edible Chalk

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Kramatorsky Chopped Chalk is monolithic heavy whetstones with characteristic grooves from the sawing process. Closer to solid chalk. It has a dense, crisp texture and a fresh, pronounced forest smell. Easily and conveniently biting, Sawn Kramatorsk crayon crunches during chewing to the last. In general, he is very satisfying.
The magnificent city of Kramatorsk does not threaten to get lost in the Ukrainian latitudes. On the banks of the river formed the steep slopes of the "Cretaceous Mountains". The paramount role in the formation of minerals is assigned to perennial trees of the area. Virgin virgin forests, almost untouched by man, by means of natural processes purify both the air and the bowels of the earth. As a result, with an unprecedented generosity, the rich reserves of the Kramatorsk chalk, moreover, naturally refined, are returned.

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