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MONASTIC edible Chalk chunks (lump) natural for eating (food)

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Chalk crisp, uniform, moderate hardness. Light chewed fine a grain, which dissolves completely and soak. Monastic chalk tastes of cardboard, paper, the smell after the rain and the wet concrete floor. The pleasant light sweetness at the end.

Monastery arose on the white chalk rocky bank of the river in the XVI century. He allegedly grew out of these rocks; inside, in the chalk caves are carved into the chalk cells and temples. A huge part of the monastery is located deep in the chalk hills, among them spent their lives monks and ascetics.

Chalk, produced near the monastery, clean, completely edible and healthy. There is even a belief that at Bole in the tooth must pray, then these patients teeth to chew a piece of chalk Monastery. Perhaps this is why, chalk pole located in the underground church, which according to legend, was the icon of St. Nicholas, was almost completely gnawed pilgrims and almost collapsed. Then the monks besieged it with bricks. This is confirmed by the legends, one of which, the monks who lived in ancient monasteries, took the chalk and for ingestion, for more efficient recovery of the body. According to the same legend, the present monastery chalk still going to hand a monk tradition, unique eco-friendly places. Sanctified chalk contains a unique ingredient: silver particles trapped in it from the water.

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