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SUMY edible Chalk chunks (lump) natural for eating (food)

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Chalk Sumy

Sumy region of Ukraine - the land is truly amazing, filled with aromatic herbs spacious steppes that border the endless array of deciduous and coniferous forests. For hundreds of kilometers - a solid virgin nature. It does not meet the factories, enterprises, factories, breaking the perfect harmony of nature with all its edges cleaner. This is an extreme rarity in our time, so chalk will be guaranteed perfect cleanliness vary in conjunction with the complete safety for humans.

Chalk Sumy lump of clay has a soft consistency, applying for food and as a raw material for medicines. This chalk-touch is very gentle, homogeneous, soft and velvety. While there is a slight crunch biting in combination with the pleasant taste of dampness like wet concrete floor. In general, the taste of chalk Sumy very nice and gentle, such as writing paper. The aftertaste has a mild creamy and milky.

Sumy chalk, slightly reminiscent of white clay, practically does not stick to the teeth. Slightly soaked piece of chalk has a smell reminiscent of moisture after rain.

Ingredients : natural lumps Sumy chalk deposits.

Shelf life : unlimited.

Made in Ukraine.

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