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mask white clay

In cosmetology have long used clay as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agents. Particularly valuable is considered white clay, the second of its name kaolin. And this value lies in the composition of kaolin. It contains chemical elements such as silicon, zinc and calcium. These elements help restore skin cells. White clay is a very positive effect on the skin. It protects cells from destruction of all kinds, promotes the production of collagen, and also has a magic anti-aging effect.

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Everyone knows what is clay. This material has been known since ancient people thousands of years ago. It is used not only for making utensils or objects for housing, many varieties of clay when used correctly can improve your health. It should be noted that it is used not only as outward as medical masks, but also inside.

eat chalk

How many can remember, and I remember myself with four years, I've always liked the chalk. Smooth, white pieces seemed to me the most attractive thing in the world. I could not help but try at least the smallest part of this miracle of nature. Chalk pleasantly melted in the mouth, leaving a strange aftertaste. It seemed to me sweeter than all the candies, chocolates and donuts. But my mother did not share my enthusiasm, because at that time did not sell food for special chalk.       

eat chalk

Some among us have repeatedly watched suddenly arriving strangeness in taste, especially in childhood. Sometimes absolutely the wise guys of six to ten years suddenly - unexpectedly begin to drag in the mouth "any rubbish," not simply to drag and deliberately seek out a particular substance. So maybe with chalk, clay, coal, including with limestone rocks on the beach, head of a match, or with the ground. Most of all, of course, people eat chalk.


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