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eat chalk

Some among us have repeatedly watched suddenly arriving strangeness in taste, especially in childhood. Sometimes absolutely the wise guys of six to ten years suddenly - unexpectedly begin to drag in the mouth "any rubbish," not simply to drag and deliberately seek out a particular substance. So maybe with chalk, clay, coal, including with limestone rocks on the beach, head of a match, or with the ground. Most of all, of course, people eat chalk.

How can I eat chalk?

Some affectionately remembers as a child in the village at the old woman secretly ate plaster, some yearn for "sweet" Cretaceous Russian pores.
Some among us have kept the style, for example, chalk, and in the adult state. Casually find "brothers" on the habits, these people are solidly stipulate taste differences between different brands of chalk, and argue about whether a danger to health chalk from the mall office supplies and a more appetizing. Almost all of the fairer sex to notice of a passion for chalk whitewash or during pregnancy.

These all attachments are not accidental. So chalk - a natural source of calcium. Passion for all calcareous rocks, including clay among other things said about the lack of trace elements in the body.

In shopping centers and pharmacies you sadly will not find food of chalk. All proper at the moment gives the industry - the chalk used as a food additive for pets.

Which is not to chalk?

Building chalk has no means impossible because it has many impurities, and chemical agents which are added to impart what some parameters.

Stationery chalk and insecure - often for hardness it is mixed with gypsum. The natural color of the snow-white chalk, because at least some colored chalk of course can be regarded as toxic as a consequence of the dye contained therein. Exception are only children's crayons - baby prefers to try "to the tooth" all fresh and manufacturers provide this precedent.

So what you can eat chalk?

The answer is obvious! Preferably there is a natural a natural chalk, mined in open pits or extracted from the rock. This chalk has no impurities harmful to the body and is an environmentally friendly natural product.

Chalk for eating, you can choose and buy in our store in "edible chalk."