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eat chalk

How many can remember, and I remember myself with four years, I've always liked the chalk. Smooth, white pieces seemed to me the most attractive thing in the world. I could not help but try at least the smallest part of this miracle of nature. Chalk pleasantly melted in the mouth, leaving a strange aftertaste. It seemed to me sweeter than all the candies, chocolates and donuts. But my mother did not share my enthusiasm, because at that time did not sell food for special chalk.       

Oddly enough, in my city chalk could be found only in high school. It simply did not exist in the free market. And I, remembering his childhood feeling of chalk taste melted in the mouth, always hoard for yourself a little piece of delicacy, treating them in exceptional cases. One day during the summer holidays, I saw a grandmother feeding our guinea pig chalk. It was not that tasty, smooth, perfectly white chalk, which I wanted, but my hunger for a favorite treat beyond all doubt, and I secretly took a couple of pieces. Of course, the taste disappointed me a bit, but if I knew that there is a special food chalk, I would be in seventh heaven.
Finally, I have found, where you can buy food for chalk     

In the twenty years I was pregnant, and as luck would have in my house was just building chalk, which I constantly exposed to all sorts of cleansing and experiments to somehow clean it and eat. And suddenly - a victory - my husband found an online store selling for eating chalk. Now I do not need to look nasty chalk office, which is now produced with violation of the technology by adding chemical dyes. I do not need to poison yourself building chalk or chalk for pigs. I choose a delicious, white, smooth chalk for food produced in the best fields of Ukraine. Each piece of my eating chalk keeps the unusual taste. Through this site, I now chalk to eat there every day. I even felt much healthier and fitter when I started to eat chalk. Even the doctor, who watched me during the pregnancy, saying that my food is not dangerous and harmless chalk, unlike all those calcium supplements, which can be found on the pharmacological market. +   

My friend used to buy chalk for parrots, but my special food tasting chalk, said that it is much tastier and more enjoyable. Now she orders himself a few buckets of chalk Svyatogorye, and here I am, on the contrary, more gravitate to Sumy chalk for food.

Visit the official site of the first chalk for food in the world Uclays.com, where you can find a lot of interesting things for themselves. I advise you to try a variety of grades of chalk, to choose the one that is to your liking. It is only at first glance, it seems that all the chalk is the same. In fact, each piece has its own long history, its unique composition and taste.

I am happy to have found a chalk for food on this site.