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eat chalk

To the question "What is chalk?" You answer any preschooler easily. At home chalk is often used as a descriptive geometry material, it is used in farm and construction. For sure, every once in your life I try, for the sake of curiosity, have chalk, but some are doing it on a regular basis and in a quite conscious age.

Why do people eat chalk?

The phrase "I eat chalk" can startle others only if they are not a secret admirer of this natural resource. In fact, many people eat the chalk just for fun, they are pleasant to the taste.

Should I eat chalk, which are written on the blackboard in the school?

Before you start eating chalk, let us define the manner in which issue it is suitable for food. The easiest way to find stationery chalk, it is sold in any store products for school, they draw children on the pavement, but whether it is suitable for food? The natural environment is extracted useful mineral is white, hence the first rule - you can not have non-white chalk as it contains dyes, it is unlikely edible. School (stationery), white chalk can also contain impurities. But natural natural chalk extracted from the quarry, you can try to use as food. Preference is given to both large and small pieces of white. Chalk must be clean - without sand and dirt. If you are going to eat chalk exclusively for pleasure, rest assured - quality natural chalk can hardly be poisoned - because chalk is absolutely harmless substance. Before you proudly tell friends: I eat chalk, locate it in the appropriate quality. Remember once and for all: to eat chalk construction purposes in any case impossible. In this construction material is present too many synthetic chemicals and additives. Available as chalk in the form of dietary supplements for pets - especially for birds and rodents. The controversial question of whether there is such a person sticks and wedges, but if there is a strong desire - try.

But where do you find the chalk, which can be eaten?

In the industrial-scale food chalk is not issued to people. It is useless to look for these supplements in pharmacies, the maximum that it is possible to get calcium supplements taste good. If the desire to eat chalk fails, consider purchasing this mineral in its natural form, directly from the mining sites. Such chalk sold in our store: buy chalk, which can be eaten! If desired, you can find like-minded people who will understand your "I eat chalk," and discuss our goodies together.

Is it safe to eat chalk?

In moderate doses, this substance has no effect on the human body and health. The desire to feel the taste of chalk may just be food fad, according to some nutritionists and doctors, such eating behavior anomaly may also indicate a lack of certain trace elements in the body. If you like to eat chalk, and after eating, you do not feel any discomfort, eat health.