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mask white clay

In cosmetology have long used clay as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agents. Particularly valuable is considered white clay, the second of its name kaolin. And this value lies in the composition of kaolin. It contains chemical elements such as silicon, zinc and calcium. These elements help restore skin cells. White clay is a very positive effect on the skin. It protects cells from destruction of all kinds, promotes the production of collagen, and also has a magic anti-aging effect.

 In order to mask the effect of using the clay was high, should know about the indications for use of kaolin. For people with oily skin, this mask is good. It will relieve the skin from the glitz and blackheads. If the skin areas and a lot of inflammatory acne, the white clay helps remove irritation. It is believed that there are no contraindications kaolin. But it is still recommended to do sensitivity test. To do this, put on the wrist a little mask and wait ten minutes. If not show any discomfort, and the redness, it means that a mask is well suited.

Masks of this clay can be made and applied at home.

To prepare a special mask with milk, you will need: milk and clay.

It is necessary to mix all these ingredients until thick cream and apply on face for ten minutes. After that, the mask should be washed off with water at room temperature. For oily skin mask fit on tomatoes. Dilute the clay with tomato juice and perform the same operations. If the skin is still combined, the kaolin must be mixed with yogurt, lemon juice and parsley. Bring to a thick consistency and use.

If the facial skin was enough problem, it is good to help the next mask.

It is necessary to take aloe juice, white clay and mineral water.

Instead of mineral water, you can add vodka.

This mask is able to reduce inflammation of the skin.

Those who wish to have white skin whitening mask fit. It is composed of kaolin and cucumber juice. Bring a mask to the desired thickness and apply. The rejuvenating effect can give this mask. It includes: white clay, honey and milk. Moisten the skin can help mask of kaolin, cottage cheese, milk and sour cream.

 It is important to remember about the health properties of white clay and cook from it useful for a face mask.