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Everyone knows what is clay. This material has been known since ancient people thousands of years ago. It is used not only for making utensils or objects for housing, many varieties of clay when used correctly can improve your health. It should be noted that it is used not only as outward as medical masks, but also inside.

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Basically healing clay used for cosmetic purposes in beauty salons, but you are free to start using it to improve their health. If you do not know where the sale price of the clay which would be low, you should visit our online store melok-ok.com.ru clay.

Going to the page of our online shop of clay, you can select the appropriate grade of natural clay price of which depends on the package volume. The larger the package, the more profitable it becomes buy. If you are dealing with cosmetic services, you will be more profitable to buy clay in bulk, in this case, our online store mel-ok.com.ru clay will offer you a special price of those varieties of clay that you need at the moment.

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Make a purchase at our online store is very simple. We accept payment by all available means, that you are comfortable. If you live in Usa, we can deliver your order directly to the house or can pick it up yourself at our office. If you live in other cities of our vast country, we can send you the clay with the help of Post. Shop at our online store and become more healthy and beautiful!