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Green clay

One of the types of medical clay is green clay. This is a truly unique natural antiseptic. It is composed of a large set and microelements and metal salts, and contains silicon. Green clay is a must buy if you need a powerful adsorbent. Green clay perfectly absorbs all the harmful toxins that our body is full. It is actively used for cosmetic purposes. If you use should take into account the fact that it should only be used for oily skin, because it is perfectly tightens pores.

Buy green clay - then make your skin soft and silky!

The sebaceous gland is easy to restore its normal operation after cleaning the green clay. Therefore, you need to buy green clay to the people who have problem skin. Only with this type of clay Your skin will feel great every day. Your wrinkles disappear so quickly that you can see it is just a matter of days.

In our online shop you can buy green clay packs weighing a kilogram and five hundred grams, it is very convenient if you are frequently using it.