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Hello everybody! I'll tell you a little story about how I started to eat chalk. What's there to begin with - and will continue to keep!

That I even wonder how people can not eat it, as of yet so far none have come up with different dishes there with the addition of chalk. Although - not. Sam chalk probably tastier. I like the feel of his chips in a language, which little by little to dissolve and leave the flavor trail that with nothing equals ...

First, as you know, I was ashamed of this, whether that - but whatever it was, eating chalk and benefit from it just frantic fun. It all started back in the garden - that is, when I went into the garden. I remember that one day older brother brought home from school a few pieces of chalk. I did not know what it is to taste it. Taste like, and I remembered him. Remember to check the time schoolbag brother at least once every few days for me were two and two together.

Then I went to school, and I must say, very soon fell in love with their studies - not only for the lessons. But ... and chalk. Then, in the fifth grade, "plant" on the chalk eating even a couple classmates.

It happened. What is already somewhere in high school my parents found passion. Of course, at first frightened to consult with various doctors. Then they forced me to pass a bunch of tests. But - alas, all tests are normal, and I have enough calcium, and everything else. Then, after hearing all the "pros" and "cons", finally listened to one clever doctor. This doctor said that there was nothing wrong with what I eat chalk - no, quite the contrary. And he added: "outgrow" ...

Well. I can only say that it is not "outgrown." Only one thing has changed: it is now not chalk office, which dragged out of school - and the usual natural lump. As it turned out, he has tastier, and that the school was slightly bitter.

Then, of course, a bit of passion subsided, began its own problems, study, college. But I vividly remembered the chalk, when she was pregnant. Husband, to please me, had not regularly get sweets and fruits out there in the middle of the night, and - the natural chalk.

After the birth of a daughter, I realized that there's kind of like disaccustomed chalk. Hormones, or something. But then somehow the love of the Cretaceous again flared up. And recently I noticed as my five year old daughter has pulled me out of the bag and tried to eat chalk. I did not mind. Wait - look fancy chalk it or not. I was for many years to pull it. Although something to be like my mother, and then look at it - the spitting image of the pope!