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eat chalk

To the question "What is chalk?" You answer any preschooler easily. At home chalk is often used as a descriptive geometry material, it is used in farm and construction. For sure, every once in your life I try, for the sake of curiosity, have chalk, but some are doing it on a regular basis and in a quite conscious age.


In addition to the therapeutic clay in our online resource uclays.com You can buy chalk lumps for food. This natural element contains a huge amount of nutrients, due to which the body is developing normally. In the case of a lack of potassium or magnesium, calcium, what is so rich in chalk, musculoskeletal system may be affected. Therefore it is necessary to buy chalk lumps to food, to protect themselves from the risk of disease, which causes a lack of a substance.

Green clay

One of the types of medical clay is green clay. This is a truly unique natural antiseptic. It is composed of a large set and microelements and metal salts, and contains silicon. Green clay is a must buy if you need a powerful adsorbent. Green clay perfectly absorbs all the harmful toxins that our body is full. It is actively used for cosmetic purposes. If you use should take into account the fact that it should only be used for oily skin, because it is perfectly tightens pores.

How often do you have to face the fact that the chalk, which you use makes you dry skin? If you want to change something, it is best to buy natural lump chalk. Produced from ecologically clean places, it can be said of these protected areas, so chalk will bring true pleasure to its owner. Chalk lump necessarily need to buy school institutions.


Watch a video about eating chalk and clay

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