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Chalk since time immemorial used everywhere. Its excellent quality won the sympathy not only livestock, factories for the production of animal feed, but also builders, and ordinary fans enjoy a natural product.

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On the healing properties of clay have long been known to people. The ancient healers to cure a variety of skin diseases attributed to their patients besmear oneself special healing clay. Nowadays, there are many resorts around the world, which is practiced clay treatment. Her many more called mud.

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Even small children know what the chalk and it is very easy to draw on the blackboard or on the pavement, and he still smells good and it periodically and wants to "gryznut". This is not surprising. Buy chalk and eat it there is a desire in people because the chalk contains calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and other impurities, which are so necessary for the body, not only humans, but also animals. Buy chalk is necessary, to keep yourself in great shape! 

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Each of us visited the wonderful country called "Childhood". What is there just not befall us? Abrasions, bumps, cuts. In addition, probably everyone remembers what to eat as a child. In addition to "normal" food we ate coal, clay, sand, chalk, earth. How to remember - it becomes ridiculous. But childhood passes - habits remain. Many adults eat chalk. Just not the one that the teacher wrote on the board the task, and the edible chalk. Some of this shy and start to "complexes." The eating chalk there is nothing to worry about.


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