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Fashionistas who watch your skin does not need to explain what medical clay that just need to buy if you want to maintain their youth. It is so popular rejuvenation means by which we awarded the nature, do not know about it simply can not be true lady.

In large metropolitan areas, where often the air is full of dust, it is simply not possible to keep your skin without protection and without some kind of cleansing.


Since ancient times, people use the gifts of nature for the treatment and recovery of the organism. Healers of all time, collect a variety of herbs and do with them useful healing potions.


Calcium has always been important for the proper development of the organism is not only human, but also birds, and most animals. The positive effect of calcium on bone formation and, consequently, of the musculoskeletal system proven for a long time, and cardio-vascular system without calcium can not do nothing. Where to find the source of calcium? Very easy and simple - the chalk contains this substance in excess. Therefore it is necessary to buy edible chalk to fill the lack of an essential element for the body - calcium.

Edible chalk


Remember, what students write on the blackboard in the school than is often stained entrances in the city and you will come to a common denominator - it is chalk white to buy which can be in any store, and if you need it quite a large number, the online shop will come to the rescue and provide a wide selection of chalk for every taste.

Buy white chalk


Watch a video about eating chalk and clay

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