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SLASTEN Edible Chalk chunks

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Natural edible chalk "Slasten" is mined in the Belgorod region. This deposit is famous for the most high-quality, natural, natural and tasty food chalk.

Each deposit is distinguished by its unique chalk tastes, which is influenced by many factors: landscape, soil composition, natural features of the region, but Slasten is mined only in Belgorod.

Chalk "Slasten" has a dense consistency, it is fat, biting is accompanied by an incredible crunch. Chalk can be called "long-playing", because it is chewed for a long time and does not immediately turn into a viscous mass, allowing you to enjoy the crunch. In the mouth for a long time there are grains.

The taste of Slastony is creamy, dusty-concrete, but at the end, when it becomes a viscous mass, the taste turns into a pronounced sweet. It is because of this feature that the chalk got its name.

Size: 4 oz; 1 lb

Shelf-life Unlimited

Produced in Russia

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