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KRASAVCHIK Edible Chalk chunks

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Chalk Krasavchik feels very pleasant, smooth, silky, does not so much stain his hands.

Color pleasant, gray-bluish with white impregnations, unusual for chalk. Very dense, hard chalk, biting off with difficulty, pleasantly chewed and crunches crisply. Long chewed, and then dissolved into slightly sweet sour cream with a creamy taste.

There is a distinct taste of dampness, a wet cellar, very tasty, multifaceted, with a variety of taste sensations. Knits a little on the tongue. Feels chalk and clay in equal measure. Almost does not stick. In the end, a little sweetish, pleasant sweet sweetness.

For those who first try Krasavchik, this is perhaps the best option.

Size: 4 oz; 1 lb

Shelf-life Unlimited

Produced in Russia

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