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BLACK Clay Powder

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Black clay powder

Black clay contains a large amount of iron, strontium, potassium, magnesium and carbon. All mineral substances are combined in the proportion at which their effect has an accelerating effect in the metabolic processes of skin cells.

It is this property that made black clay an excellent means for eliminating acne, narrowing the pores and increasing the turgor of the epidermis. This curative mud is used for both dry skin and oily skin. Of course, everything will depend on what particular additional components will be added to the face mask, where black clay is used as the main ingredient.

Black clay can be either gray or black, it is more dense and plastic compared to other types of clay. It can be used not only for the problem, but also for normal skin. Black clay effectively narrows the expanded pores, therefore it is recommended to apply masks from it to the face after a steam bath and cleaning procedures.

Ingredients: natural black clay

Condition: powder

Size: 4 oz; 1 lb.

Skin type: for all types

Shelf-life Unlimited.

Made in Ukraine.

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