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Set of samples edible natural Chalk chunks for eating, 10 species (Total 1 lb / 450 g)

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A set of probes of all types of edible chalk.

Try immediately all kinds of chalk!
You want to order the chalk, but do not know which one to choose?
Try all kinds of chalk Uclays probes in the set!

Price per set - 10 types of chalk.

Total weight 450 grams.
Kit components:
1. Chalk SVYAT:  sweet, reminiscent of biscuit, a pronounced taste chalky.
2. Chalk KRAM:  a solid and dense forest with a strong odor.
3. Chalk SUMY:  soft and velvety, soft clay taste, smell after a rain.
4. Chalk BELGOROD:  medium hardness, classic chalky taste
5. Chalk CHERNIGOV:  soft, delicate and airy, rich taste of the wet concrete floor
6. Chalk MONASTIC:  taste and smell of the paper after the rain, a pleasant sweetness at the end.
7. Chalk ARTI:  It has a taste of writing paper, the smell after the rain, and a pleasant chalky aftertaste.
8. Chalk KAMENKA:  Has classic chalky taste, reminiscent of calcium, there are notes of peanuts.
9. Chalk SEVERSKY:  Soft and smooth. Taste damp basement. Light and soft grain.
10. Chalk SAWN belgorod
Your edible chalk will be packed in a quality bag with zipper. Each type of chalk is packed into a separate package with the matching label.
Customize order are possible , please contact me for a special needs .

Buy health or buy natural chalk, which is cheaper? What is white chalk? 

It is a natural component formed matted and fossilized remains of microscopic shells of molluscs inhabiting the bottom of Earth's oceans and seas in the so-called Cretaceous period of Earth's geological history, from a chemical point of view poorly soluble calcium compounds. As is known without calcium was not our skeletal system throughout the bone. Calcium in edible chalk is a part of enzymes involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction. All that came up with nature, she came up with for the benefit of all living things. 

So why not use the gifts of nature? Did you see how happy dog gnaws a bone?

 If you give her a piece of chalk it can become indispensable to her delicacy. It is not by chance that passion, that is to the natural chalk a natural source of calcium. How much animal feed, for sure, each of us knows. If you look at their composition, it is possible to detect it mandatory calcium and magnesium, as well as a lot of different supplements. Is not it better to buy the natural chalk natural lump no different, in fact unnecessary additives, and does not pay. 

Chalk is an indispensable product for pregnant women, along with pickles. Pregnant women often want food chalk. How interesting the body takes care of itself. Why would they chalk? Pregnant woman two in a single organism. The woman develops a new life is formed by a small body, which is needed to build calcium. 

Those who did not eat the chalk in the school, who wrote on the board our teachers White trim piece liked to chew almost everything. 

Where to buy chalk for food or feed chalk in World to advance to worry about the normal functioning of the organism?

Of course in our online store, which is presented as the chalk is the price you will be pleasantly surprised, and clay in the range.


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