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edible chalk sumy

Each of us visited the wonderful country called "Childhood". What is there just not befall us? Abrasions, bumps, cuts. In addition, probably everyone remembers what to eat as a child. In addition to "normal" food we ate coal, clay, sand, chalk, earth. How to remember - it becomes ridiculous. But childhood passes - habits remain. Many adults eat chalk. Just not the one that the teacher wrote on the board the task, and the edible chalk. Some of this shy and start to "complexes." The eating chalk there is nothing to worry about.

I eat ediblechalk

This is a common substance, it has no negative effect on the body substances. Recall, the French, who eat frogs, and still consider it a delicacy. And what is attractive brain dead animal? But it, too, with the greatest appetite consumed in restaurants. To ease your embarrassment consider the food to our chalk, Slavic delicacy.

Pregnant eating chalk

Recall, for pregnant women: they are constantly eating chalk. And this does not need to laugh. If the body requires - it must be obeyed. And who cares what you eat. Important: if only you were tasty. True friends will understand this weakness. And in general, it is better to eat chalk, than to abuse alcohol or smoking. Short-sighted, those who laugh with consumers of chalk. Chalk, unlike alcohol does not bring harm to the body, quite the contrary - favor: saturates the body with calcium.

Do not be afraid to chew chalk: it easily crumbles and teeth, you do not break. Incidentally, depending on the manufacturer is chalk with different tastes. Besides the usual chalky taste it is also a sweet flavor and cedar. Truly surprising chalk in a food that is a pure substance. Look to the internet and to your surprise you will see how many people need to buy chalk. In recent years, it is very important purchase.

The habit of eating chalk

Many are probably interested in the question: Chalk eating - it's a habit, dependency or something on a psychological level? Many consumers report that they do not have enough food chalk, as a kind of doping. When get into a fuss, you feel dull or just something to chew on. Women, you see, in order to avoid diets better to chew chalk than sandwiches.

edible chalk arty

 We are very sensitive to smells. How we react to only whitewashed. Scent creates us something strange: just want to lick the wall. So it's not the food chalk and lime. And imagine the effect on our body chalk? I do not want to scare you, and I stress once again: Chalk eating - absolutely harmless. Also bewilderment of those who have not tried the chalk, this habit does not cause anything.

Where to buy edible chalk for food?

Buy chalk can be in our online store, "Uclays" on the site. Prices are moderate. Buy edible chalk and bring joy to your body.

After all, it's nice to sit in the evening watching the movie and favorite food crunch chalk.